Having more fun than ever with your family could be one of the goals you’ve set to achieve with your nearest and dearest this year. You might think you’re short on time, or that you’re short on cash, but if you plan in advance you should be able to have a lot of fun and make a lot of memories. Read on for some advice that all families can use:

Arrange Family Time Regularly
You might think that you don’t have enough time, but the fact is, you need to prioritize family time like you prioritize everything else. Simply being in the house together at the same time is not family time. You need to be prepared to sit down together, chat about your day, and enjoy activities that bring you closer together. An hour each day is better than no time at all, and you could probably do it if you did things like cut out useless internet and TV time.

Make Certain Family Activities Non Negotiable
If you want to have fun with your family you need to feel close to them. The only way to be close to them is to spend time together, so make some family activities non negotiable. For example, you should eat at least one meal a day together. It can be breakfast or dinner.

Whichever one you choose, make sure you all have one another’s undivided attention; this means no technology at the dinner table. Ask your kids questions that don’t simply require yes or no answers. Be interested in their day, and tell them about yours. They’ll learn a lot from just listening to you speak.

Science has shown that families who enjoy at least one meal a day together are happier and healthier. Kids tend to do better at school and stay away from things like smoking!

Plan Your Adventures Together
Instead of planning adventures and then telling your children what you’re doing, plan your adventures together instead. Sit down with a travel brochure and plan where you’ll go on holiday next, or look on the computer at short breaks you can take. You could even choose things like hikes and bike rides together. When you get your kids involved in planning your adventures, you’ll all be so much more excited and you’ll probably have a better time because of it!

Go On A Road Trip
Road trips can be so much fun, but you can’t really just jump into the car and go when you’ve got kids. You do need to plan in advance to make sure you have everything you need, and even that you’ve planned your rest stops. Kids will need to stop more than you would if you were road tripping alone, so take that into account when planning.

You’ll also need to check your car over to ensure that it’s safe, making sure there are no signs of front tire wear and other issues that could be a danger to your family while you’re out on the road. You don’t have to drive hundreds of miles to have a great time, so make sure you just plan a journey that suits you and your family!

Do As Much As You Can Together
Start doing as much as you can together as a family. It’s healthy to have your own individual interests and hobbies, of course, but doing as much as you can together will bring you closer together. You also have the opportunity to expose your kids to a bunch of new activities and encourage them to try new things.

You could go walking, try painting, do some gardening, and even all sit and read together. You don’t have to read the same thing – just being in the same room reading together is better than sitting around and watching TV!

Learn To Just Be In The Moment
One of the worst things that you can do, that most people are guilty of, is be with your family while either worrying about the past or fretting over the future. Learn to just be in the moment, and encourage your family to do the same.

We’ve been conditioned to live outside of the moment, so it’s not your fault if you struggle to do this. However, you can make changes to stop doing this eventually, although it will take time. Here are some things you can do to help you be in the moment:

Focus on your senses. What can you smell, see, hear? What is going on around you right now? Take a deep breathe. Concentrate on a space within yourself and feel the stillness. Imagine your thoughts going by as if you’re swiping something off of a screen on the ipad, or batting them away with a tennis racket.

With practice, you’ll spend more time being mindful in the moment and less time worrying about the past or the future. It’s normal to still worry about these things from time to time, but working to minimize it will be a huge help.

Let Go Of Expectations
Having high expectations can mean feeling disappointed if something doesn’t go exactly to plan. Things won’t always go the way you wanted them to, and sometimes, this means they can even turn out better than expected. By letting go of expectations completely, you can just go with the flow and enjoy yourself. You can’t control everything, so don’t try to!

Meditate and encourage your family to meditate, too. Meditation has so many scientific benefits. You will improve your happiness, health, creativity, well being, and so much more. It’s one of the best things you can teach your kids to do while they’re young.

Go On Night Walks
Walking at night is a great way to get ready for bed and expend some of your kid’s energy, and it can be a lot of fun. Tell stories and enjoy making memories like this with your kids while they’re young!

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