I love the fact we have a dining room in this house , well at the moment it is a play room / dining room. Until the little ones grow up and play in their rooms it will be a haven for them as well as the dining room.

We have bought a new table and chairs which look fab. We went for a geometric style round table in beach and black metall. 

When you want to redecorate your home interiors, you may wonder what you should move, what you can improve, and what you can keep the same. Quickly you will find that most things are already situated in a way that makes everyday routines easier, and the wall art that you can get from CustomNeon.co.uk may be the best option to bring change into any room. Wall art can be considered the most natural method to improve the style of a room, and it can bring very good vibes, especially when you hang up something meaningful to you.

The chairs we have chosen are really funky and on trend. We have two yellow and two grey. I love the fact they are plastic as they can be wiped over after every meal. With a three and four-year old there was no way we could go for fabric.

The room is lovely and big , it is also bright and airy as it has the high ceilings and a lot of sun coming through. We have a gorgeous electric feature fire with the flame effect. I love it , but the walls are just plain magnolia. I would love to make that wall with the fire stand out a bit more and really make it a feature wall.

I was browsing online and came across a fabulous store an I have fallen in love with the some of the framed art it’s so bright and colorful. I think it will really bring out that feature wall. It will really make the fire stand out and look fabulous with the dining room table and chairs.

There are other bits I want to get for the dinning room including some plants , I think they really brighten up the place and you can get some lovely plant pots too.

I also need to find a rug for the dining room as the little ones like playing on the rug in there that we have at the moment. I would like something bright and bold. A geometric design would fit in fab too. I am also on the lookout for some good quality fake plants , I have tried to keep real ones but they always end up drying out on me no matter what I do.

I have seen a few sites offering neon signs for home decor, they look lovely but I am not sure I am brave enough to have one in my dining
room! They do look amazing in a kids bedroom though.

I can’t wait to update this area and really put our stamp on it. I am really getting a taste for home design and interiors now and there are so many summer collections at the moment. What is your favourite summer theme at the moment?

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