I love our house it really is perfect for us , the only thing I dislike is windows and doors. As they are fairly new we would be silly to replace them. I just find the white really dull and boring , it also shows up every speck of dirt.

I love doors and always stop and take photos of different colour and unusual doors. I would love blue door or maybe grey. I was browsing online and came across The restoration group.

They are a company that specialises in painting uPVC doors and windows.They even restore conservatories and kitchen cupboard doors. The process involves pre – prep , cleaning , prep and then spraying whatever you choose to restore.

They even offer a free consultation where they will come to your home. This will involve talking about your options , showing your expels of work and chatting about the process. This includes answering any questions you may have too.

I would love to have the front and back doors restored and I love the idea of Painting uPVC Windows too. I would have to go for a bold front door colour , blue is my favourite with big gold numbers on it.

For the windows I love the idea of a grey tone colour , just to mix things up and bit and make it a bit different. I like to stand out and be different so the idea of being able to paint them as you like is great. I love the flexibility it brings and gives you the option of changing without having to go all out.

There are many benefits to the process , these include –

  • Speed and Efficiency: Due to the nature of spraying there is no need for the building work and the paint dries within 24 hours
    Durability: The paint solution used is extremely durable, and they provides you with a 10-year guarantee on cracking, peeling and colour stability which is just fab
  • Cost: You save you up to 80% of the cost of completely replacing your uPVC fittings. The restoration group also offer payment plans and you can spread the cost

I have so many décor plans for the house both inside and out , it’s amazing putting your own stamp and making a house a home. So much fun and memory making to be had.

*Collaborative post


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