We have lived at our rented house for over a year now , we fell in love with it the first time we saw it. It’s just perfect for us and our little ones. It has everything you could want from a family home , high ceilings , an extra reception room and a garden with so much potential.

We are so excited to have been asked if we want to buy the house as the landlord has given us first refusal. Our rental period is up in September so we are saving every last penny to get the rest of the deposit we need. We have seen a mortgage adviser and have been given a mortgage in principle. We have been in talks with the landlord and plan to buy in September. There are so many places to help these days with buying house like places A1 Home Buyers UK.

There are so many options now when buying a house , you can pay little or large deposits. And there are so many different options and interest rates. You can even sell your house for cash.

We are so excited to finally be on the way to owning our own home. The security with rental properties really isn’t the best. We have moved around so many times , Archie has lived in 4 houses in his 4 years and Frankie 3. We really want to settle now and have a place to call home. Especially with Archie starting school in September.

Th other thing that excites us about buying is the fact we will be able to put our stamp on the house and not have to worry about any landlord rules, You even have to get permission to hang a picture from the landlord which can be tedious , and then there are the house inspections you have to go though every few months.

There are a few imperfections with the house but we don’t mind a little bit of work in the long run for our dream home. The garden needs a lot of work , living in the valleys it’s a three level garden which needs a total overhaul and re design. We are excited to turn this in to a safe haven for the little ones and somewhere we can chill out.

This is by far the biggest challenge we have had to take on especially with the saving and watching every penny but the rewards will be so worth it.

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