There’s more to life than the way we look, but it is important- there’s no denying that. Not only does it give clues to the people that we meet about the kind of person we are, but it also helps us to feel more confident in ourselves too.

And self esteem is such an important thing to build up, without it you can be seriously held back in life. If you want to switch up your style but don’t have a whole lot of money to do so, here are some ideas. 

Refresh your personal look

Starting off with personal style, there’s plenty of ways you can give your look a refresh without spending much money. Purchase some inexpensive makeup from the drugstore and follow along with some Youtube tutorials, or buy a box dye and change your hair colour.

Scour charity shops for hidden fashion gems, and if you wear glasses consider trying contacts. Maybe you’ve just gone through a breakup and feel that you want to reinvent yourself, or perhaps you’re just fed up of dressing the same way every single day. Be bold, there’s loads of inspiration online and you could give yourself a real confidence boost. 

Bring your banger up to date

Just about all of us would love a sparkly new car, but when the budget is tight, chances are it’s low on the priority list. However, there are ways you can bring your current vehicle up to scratch. No matter what you drive, giving it a thorough clean inside and out will have it looking better, and it’s something you can do from your own home.

No need to pay for a car wash or valeter if you don’t want to! Any minor marks in the paint might be able to be buffed out or repaired using DIY products, if you have little more to spend then alloy wheel refurbishment could make your car look more modern. If you don’t have alloy wheels then some hubcaps that you can pop on yourself could change up the look of your car a little and they don’t cost much. 

Upgrade your home

Home is where the heart is, so it needs to be a space that feels relaxed, comfortable and personal. If you’re embarrassed about having people over but don’t have much money to spruce things up it can be pretty stressful, but thankfully you can make a difference on a small budget if needed. Start with the walls, remove fussy wallpaper and mend any cracks or holes with ready made filler.

Paint everywhere white or cream, you can get huge tubs of paint in these colours that don’t cost much and will massively transform your home. Search sites like eBay and scour charity shops for things like decorative items, curtains, cushion covers and lamps. If you want to switch up your style but don’t have a whole lot of money to do so, here are some ideas for your bedroom, living room or any room!

The space will look bright, airy and more modern just by changing these things. If your carpets are a little worse for wear, hire a Rug Doctor, a powerful carpet cleaner that will bring it back up to scratch. It doesn’t cost much and is way cheaper than replacing the flooring completely. 

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