We moved in to this house three years ago and all the rooms seem to be coming together one by one. Our bedroom being the the last on the list as the little ones always come first , us as parents always come down pretty low in the list of priorities.

We are lucky the bedroom is painted in neutral colours and we have total freedom with accessories and colours to choose from. I love all the gorgeous bits you can get for bedrooms at the moment, I’ve been on a spree and bought a few accessories to brighten it up.

The carpet is a major issue that needs changing – it’s so thin and a light colour. I really want wood flooring all the way upstairs, it looks so much lighter and much cleaner. I have seen some amazing engineered wood flooring which is perfect for the bedroom.

One of my top tips for a bedroom is to keep it neutral and then add whatever colours and designs you want. It’s also easy to change the theme then too to whatever you want if you get bored of it. I know in the winter I will want to have much warmer colours than I have now and will be changing it again , but will only have to think of accessories which is a huge help and saves on costs too.

I have kept my bedding neutral just a plain white cover for now but I have seen some summer theme duvet covers on the online that have caught my eye. It is so important to get a cosy duvet and the right size so you are not distributed in the night by covers coming off. It can make such a huge difference to sleep if you get the right duvet.

I bought some plain cushions with different textures as I love the look that gives. They brighten up the room loads. I am also on the lookout for a bedspread to go at the bottom of the bed and to use on cooler nights in the summer. I love the tropical theme for the bedroom with all of the bright colours. The flamingo theme is my favourite along with palm trees. This type f design would brighten up any area,

I have bought a few accessories in the same range which I absolutely fell in love with. There are so many plaques to choose from with inspirational quotes and I think they are fabulous. I am always looking for trinket dishes for my earrings etc.

The fake plants and cactus are so on trend right now , I love that they don’t need looking after! I also have a weak spot for canvas prints so of course had to get the matching canvas with a flamingo print. It all looks so lovely and fresh and has really changed the room.

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