10 Downing Street, as we all know it, the residence of the UK Prime Minister and one of the most important political buildings in the world. As Sir Anthony Seldon says “behind its black door have been taken the most important decisions affecting Britain for the last 275 years.” Have you ever found yourself wondering about the ironmongery on this notorious front door? If so, you can find out all about it in this post! 

At Ironmongery Experts we sell all kinds of ironmongery for your front door, including similar ironmongery to the one on 10 Downing Street’s front door. We are a family-run business with a deep love for the ironmongery industry. With the great amount of knowledge we’ve gained over the years, we’ll share with you some curiosities about the ironmongery on the front door of 10 Downing Street, as well as how you can renovate your own entrance door to look like this famous door. 

The original black door was made out of oak, however, after the IRA mortar attack in 1991, the door was replaced for a blast-proof steel door. The original door is now displayed in the Churchill Museum at the Cabient War Rooms. The steel door at Number 10 can only be opened by someone on the inside, who is constantly monitoring who goes in and out. Even though the heavy-duty steel door has a letterbox, it’s just for show! 

The first installation of the ironmongery on this famous door dates way back to the 1770s. The door went through numerous amounts of reconstruction and redecoration up until this very day, where it currently features an octagonal golden center door knob, a black lion’s head knocker, and a brass letter plate which bores the inscription “First Lord of the Treasury.”  

The golden centre door knob features a classic octagonal shape which is used to help close the door when leaving the building. If you are somebody who wants that authentic Downing Street look, why not check out our octagonal brass door knob or for a more contemporary style our round brass centre door knob 

The black lion’s head door knocker is something that makes 10 Downing Street’s front door look distinctive and stand out from other prestigious front doors. An article on Five Minute History explains that lion’s head door knockers simbolize bravery, nobility, strength and valor. Who would know that a door knocker had such significance? At Ironmongery Experts, we supply a wide selection of door knockers to suit your style and personality. But to get the real Downing Street feel, take a look at our From the Anvil black lion’s head door knocker, you’d hardly be able to differentiate it from our Prime Minister’s front door.   

Did you know that in 1779, Downing Street was renumbered to the number 10? Previously, the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 stood where the present day 10, 11 and 12 are, with the well-known belief that number 5 was where number 10 currently is. The number 10 on the door is painted on, however, we stock various door numerals which could be perfect for your own front door. 

You might be looking for a similar brass letterbox to the one on the door of 10 Downing Street. However, we’d reckon you would be looking for a letterbox which wasn’t just for decoration (like the one at 10 Downing Street), but that you could actually use. We’d recommend having a browse through our range of letterplates, which are available in a variety of styles and finishes.  

If you are curious to know what’s behind the famous door, you can take a virtual tour inside the building and explore its rooms at the Google Arts and Culture page dedicated to the famous 10 Downing Street. 

We hope you enjoyed finding out more about the ironmongery on the front door of 10 Downing Street. If you have any enquiries about our ironmongery, please feel free to contact us on 01376 557 561 or by emailing us at info@ironmongeryexperts.co.uk. 

This article was written by Zenya, a freelance copywriter for Ad Lab. She is a regular contributor of lifestyle blogs, writing about a wide range of topics such as interior design, travel and everything in between.  

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