I can’t wait for spring to appear so the Anklebiters and I can get out in the garden and re style it. There is so much that needs doing and I want to take a different direction with it too.

The word “trend” can stir up bad connotations, but, basically, it means “new ideas”. Showcasing new trends can highlight these new ideas in inspiring and creative ways. The approaching New Year will produce many new trends – clothing, colour, interior design and, garden.

Yes, there is such a thing as garden trends. Gardening is not just a hobby for the green-fingered anymore. It has become an art form and, as with anything arty, it has developed its own distinct trends that can transform your garden into the talking point of your whole property.

The garden trends of 2018 seem less about aesthetics and more about health and wellness in general. There is an overall movement away from plastics and towards more reusable and renewable products. More emphasis on wellbeing and relaxation and more focus on making a garden something that everyone can have access to regardless of their property.

Rattan direct have come with a fantastic guide listing garden design trends for 2018. The styles include wasabi when very loosely translated means rustic in Japanese. I love this trends as it basically allows you to take the stance that the garden should do its own thing.

This is the theme I am most interested to follow and think I could get some beautiful accessories and furniture to go with this. I would love a summer house with some rattan furniture and gorgeous green plants. It would be a lovely place to relax and even do work on summer days.

The guide can be seen in more detail here , there are some beautiful trends to follow.

*Collaborative post.

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