Now that we own our own home I do worry now and again about things going wrong. It’s not a case of us just calling the landlord and them dealing with it and paying for it , it’s all on us now. Typically two weeks after the house sale went through we had a leak in the ceiling , this was down to use to sort out.

There are many things that can go wrong or things you may need help with , I have come up with some handy contacts you may need when you own your own home.

Central heating 

Now and again things can go wrong and you may have some central heating problems. I always find this is when it’s snowing or the cold weather has set in. Our house is a cold one so we can’t be without heating especially with the little ones.


You may need help from time to time with your garden , some jobs are too big to take on yourself or you may not have the time. It’s always good to know the contact for a good gardener and have one on hand.


There are so many issues you could have when it comes to plumbing. From issues with your boiler to leaky taps. It is good to know you can hire a plumber when you need to and have a good contact on hand.

Painting and decorating 

We have so much to do in our new home , the house is a 1920’s house and has been modernised but where it was rented out for 12 years it really does need updating. We are taking on some of the smaller projects ourselves but time and lack of expertise really does prevent us doing all of the projects. It is a good idea to have a good contact for painting and decorating who you can rely on.

Roof and chimney sweep 

Things can always go wrong with roofs especially in an old house , a loose tile could cause a leak or something loose in the chimney. This is where a roofing contact you can rely on is a must. We also have real working fires that need servicing and sweeping regularly , this is just something we cannot do ourselves.

As you can see there is loads to think of when you own your own home , it is worth researching when you move in and having a reliable list of contacts.

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