Play is unbelievably important for children. It is how they experiment with and learn different social situations and interactions; it is how children discover new ideas; and it is how children develop their skills – from fine motor skills required for drawing to learning how to be just irritating enough to get a cookie.

Though not everyone has the luxury of a separate playroom, if you want to keep your cosy neutral lounge, it may be worth converting a spare bedroom to create one. A playroom is ideal for your kids to let loose, make a mess and then close the door on it at the end of a long day.

A themed room is even better as bright colors are perfect stimulus for new games and make-believe. Though space and the wild west are always going to be popular, a jungle is sure to make your kids go wild with excitement.

Walls and Floors

As a minimum, you should look at how you can jazz up your walls and floors. A simple green carpet could be just the ticket but a lino or wooden floor will be a little easier to clean up if there are any spills. You could also consider floor paint if you have the patience and create a mottled effect using a sponge on your second layer.

The walls are a little tricker but there are options. A wall wrap is a quick and easy way to get a feature wall without relying on your artistic skills. A company like Lucent Wraps can help you design and fit your wrap to your wall for an instant effect. Your other option is to use a sponge again to create a mottled green wall and then start painting other features. A projector might be a real help here to so that you can trace various trees and animals onto the wall and then colour them in using the paint.

Bringing in Real Plants

Plants are having an interior design moment and it doesn’t matter whether you are looking at the standard rubber tree or going a little wilder – jungles need plants. There is a huge range of indoor plants that can work but if you want something easy to grow then you can’t go wrong with a few ferns. Their fluffy leaves and shade-appreciation means that they look good anywhere.

If you are worried about young kids around plants, put them up on a high shelf and use hooks to guide any trailing plants you choose. If you still aren’t feeling too sure then knowing that plants generally improve the quality of the air in your house should be very persuasive.

Extra Details

Playrooms should be fun so creating a feature of any cuddly animals is a quick way to populate your jungle. You might also like to think about other small details like a blow-up palm tree or fake trailing plants to dangle (just out of reach) from the ceiling. There is a lot of jungle themed stuff around at the moment so finding all kinds of bits and pieces shouldn’t be too difficult.

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