Who wouldn’t love to have a whole dedicated games room in their house? Perhaps you simply clicked on this post because you were curious about the idea of a games room in your house, or maybe you’re looking for some ideas to give you inspiration and to get you started.  

 Maybe you’ve been thinking of transforming your guest room into a games room for a while or maybe you’re trying to create a games room with the limited space you’ve got. No matter how much space you’ve got in your home or office (yes, you can create a games room in your office!), your dream of having a games room is still reachable.  

 At Hamilton Billiards, we’ve crafted, restored and supplied many clients with antique and handmade snooker, billiards and pool tables. We have over forty years’ experience and within this time, we’ve gained a great amount of knowledge about games rooms and everything related. Continue reading below to find out how to create the perfect games room.  

 Start by putting down a budget. It’s easy to get carried away with all the beautiful games tables and decorations that are out there. It’s even easier to put everything on your wish list and then, after creating the perfect list, you realise that it’s way over budget. We would recommend writing down your target budget with maybe some wiggle room for little extras.  

 After figuring out your ideal budget, you can start planning. Think about colours, lighting, games tables, everything you’d like your games room to look like. The Home Edit has an article with a variety of games room ideas to inspire your own renovation. We’d recommend creating a mood board with your ideas and then working around it. For example, if you’ve found some décor pieces online that would look great in your games room, but these are over budget – you can DIY similar pieces by getting crafty or you can find second hand pieces which you can upcycle. 

 An article on Forbes magazine recommends using all the square footage you’ve got wisely by deciding “in advance how your space will be used and what from your wish list can make it into the room.” This article also advises not to overpack the games room with activities.  

 By now, you might be asking yourself “what if I don’t have a spare room in my house?”. Fair question. There are various ways to take advantage of the space you have available. For instance, if you don’t have space for a full-size snooker table, you could have space for an undersize snooker table or even a snooker dining table.  

 A snooker dining table is a great alternative to utilise your dining room to the maximum. Additionally, there are a few décor techniques to make rooms look larger, including painting the walls with light colours and changing dark-coloured flooring to a light-coloured flooring. 

 What game table(s) do you want to feature in your games room? There is such a wide variety of games for everyone to enjoy, that the choice might become overwhelming. Are you a more mature player and are looking for a card games table for poker night? Maybe you want to practice your foosball skills on a football table? Or you simply want the classic snooker/pool table to be the centrepiece of your games room?  

 Once you’ve picked your games tables, it’s time to think about decoration. You might choose the route of a themed games room or you might choose to pick different décor pieces which reflect your style and personality. Many of our clients love to display posters, collectibles and their game accessories.  

 And after all this hard work, it’s time to let the games begin! If you have any questions regarding our games tables and accessories, feel free to give us a call on 01462 743803 or email us at showrooms@hamiltonbilliards.com. 

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