We absolutely love wooden blinds and have them in quite a few rooms in the house. They can be difficult to look after at times and they do gather a lot of dust. Here are some hints and tips on how to care for your wooden blinds.

Use a step ladder 

If your blinds are fitted to a high window, use a step ladder or steady chair/stool so you can reach them at their highest pint. Make sure you can reach them  are comfortably. This way you can clean them safely without pulling them down or falling.

Check for any stains and clean them off

Check for stains on your wooden blinds If they don’t wipe off easily, try a very mild detergent or a wood cleaner I usually use washing up liquid. Once you’ve got the stain ensure that you dry any patches on the blinds.

Use a vacuum cleaner 

This is such a good way to get all of the bits and dust off your wooden blinds. When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner make sure you use a brush attachment which will remove the dust gently. The soft bristles will ensure that no damage is done. Adjust the blind to a fully closed position, so the slats sit closely on top of one another this is the best way to clean them when using the vacuum. Vacuum from the tapes to the end of the slats. Once complete, reverse the tilt of your blinds so you can repeat this on the back of the slats.

Clean with a cloth or duster 

When cleaning with a cloth, duster or slat cleaner try wearing a cotton glove or an old sock on your other hand as this will help you to hold the blind steady and not get any marks on the blind. Dusters and slat cleaners really do make it easier to get the dust particles off the wooden blinds.

Use wood polish 

I sometimes use the wood spray polish and this is fab for getting dust off/ cleaning but also removing any stains there may be on the blinds which is fab.

These are just a few of the methods I use to care for my wooden blinds. I would love to know of any methods you have so I can add them to the post. It’s always good to gets hints and tips from others. Make my blinds is a fab site if you are looking for some new wooden blinds.

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