It’s always good to look at ways to improve your home which will then in turn add value. There are loads of different things that can be done – minor and major. And also to suit your budget.

A new kitchen

Making improvements to the kitchen is a great way of adding value. Again these can be minor or major changes. You can get the whole kitchen re fitted / re designed or you could just paint the cupboards a different colour. Another major change would be the flooring. For a kitchen I would choose solid wood flooring I think it always looks fresh and also expensive.

Updating the bathroom

The bathroom is another popular choice for home improvement projects. Again this can be as major or minor as you like – you could change the whole suite or you could just decorate and change the colour / accessory scheme. We did this recently and it made a huge difference.

Spruce up the garden

A good garden is accessible and enjoyable from indoors as well as outdoors. For this, consider fitting glass doors which open out into the garden. Also plant loads of flowers can make the garden look bright and cheerful. Adding a decking area is also a big bonus.

Converting the loft

If you have a loft with a maximum headroom of 2.3 meters, you might want to look into converting it. The Nationwide Building Society estimates that a loft conversion may be able to add up to 21 per cent onto the overall value of a home. Make sure to seek professional advice before going ahead, as the project needs to conform to building and fire regulations.

Keep up the Matainance

You should keep up the maintenance and decor of your house as you go along. If a wall looks grubby give it a lick of paint as it will help save time in the long run. If you have flooring that is looking worn down then change it. All of these little bits add up and create value to your home.

It is so important to look for ways to improve your home’s value – as when you do come to sell you want to get the best possible price for your property and make a profit which will help you with the next property you buy. There are so many changes you can make and these can suit any budget.

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