We have all been enjoying this heatwave , it’s like being abroad every day. We have been able to do loads of things already this summer like have endless BBQ’s , swim in the sea and rescue star fishes. We have so much fun planned for the summer holidays – we can’t wait.

The only issue we have with summer is trying to keep cool around the house. There are a few things we have been doing to help with this –

Keeping all blinds shut in the day 

This really helps to keep the house cool during the day , keeping the rooms dark cools them down and makes them bearable to spend time in. We tend to keep the windows closed in the day as it stops the heat from getting in.

Fans and humidifiers 

These have been a lifesaver in the night for the bedrooms we all have one each room. We need to actually get a Humidifier to help keep the moisture in the air too. I think this will really help as we all suffer with hay fever and stuffy noses. Also both anklebiters have had a cough on and off and I think it’s because the air is too dry.

Going out to the garden to eat dinner

We have found that when the sun comes off the garden going out for a BBQ or eating dinner outside really helps to cool us down. The garden is lovely and breezy and it makes you feel so refreshed.

Opening the windows when the sun goes in 

This has been fab as the sun goes own you get a little breeze and with all the windows open it creates a wind tunnel which has really cooled the house down and allowed the fan to blow out cooler air.

A bottle of frozen water in front of the fan

This has helped loads in the night as sometimes with fans they can just circulate the hot air around. The ice water bottles really help to keep the air cool , hence cooling us all down.

Using pure cotton sheets instead of a duvet cover 

We have put our duvets away for the summer and have been using just pure cotton sheets as I find it does get chilly at night , this keeps you covered with just enough warmth.

These are just a few ways we have kept cool and managed to get some sleep and sanity during the heatwave this summer.

*Collaborative post

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