I love our house it really is perfect for us , the only thing I dislike are windows and doors. We are in the process of buying the house and once the sale is complete I would really like to change the windows and doors. I was browsing online and found a great site to get a whole range of quotes for windows.

This makes life much easier as I can just search by type of job and postcode to find something suitable and in my price range. I’m a huge fan of sites that place everything in one place for you.

We have a huge bay window in our lounge which is lovely , bright and airy. I plan on making this a feature window. I have always longed over the bay window seats that they have in American houses. I want to build a window seat in to the window with cushions for the little ones to watch the world go by. I can just see the little ones in the window reading on rainy days.

I also love the idea of floor to ceiling windows. We have some amazing views of the valley from the back of our house and it wold be lovely to sit and take in the views from the back room. I also think it would add so much light to the house too.

As for the rest of the house plans are pretty simple but we want new windows. The ones that are in now have been in for a while and you can see the wear an tear. We have quite a lot of windows so getting a quote to see where we are and how much we can afford would be great.

We have so many exciting plans for the house . it’s so right for us and we have loved renting it but to make it our own and put our stamp on it will be amazing. The decor will be changed all over as it’s all very plan and neutral which is fine but not for us.

We like bright and vibrant colours and something with a bit of personality. I also love all of the bold geometric prints that are in the shops at the moment. The first room to be renovated will be the lounge , in here we will be going for a black and white or grey and mustard design.

As you can see we have many exciting plans and can’t wait to get sorted.

*Collaborative post


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