Lighting is so important in any home , I love a light airy feel around the house in the summer and even in the winter months. Also with the heatwaves we have been having during recent summers I would love some windows and doors that let the breeze in.

I was browsing online and came across Quickslide Windows & Doors who have a fantastic range of windows and doors and exactly what I would be looking for.

Quickslide offer a huge range of windows and doors to suit all needs. I love that they offer such a wide range and for example the sash windows which I wasn’t aware of.

I love the idea of sash windows and never realised you can get these in  PVCu ,  thought it was just old houses that had these with original features. We live on a hill so in the summer we still get a breeze coming through. Unfortunately our windows only open at the top so we don’t benefit from it.

I think sash windows would not only look beautiful but let in a lot of natural light and air too. I love their vintage feel and would have fun accessorising them with blinds or curtains. They would also really suit our house as it’s an old 1900’s house with open spaces and high ceilings.

We also have a back porch which needs to be ripped down and extended over two rooms. The back of our house looks down the valley and over mountains. It would be lovely to change the current door to sliding patio doors.

This would allow us to let more air in and take in more of the views. It would make going in and out of the garden a lot easier too. I love all of the custom blinds you can get for patio doors too and would love something bright and colorful that would really bring the outside indoors.

I think new windows and doors would make a huge difference to the house and make it look and feel like a different place. I love putting our stamp on the house and making it ours. It really does make you feel at home.

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