So as you know we are totally re styling / renovating the out forever home and have made a start on this already. We plan to do this slowly and surely room by room.

The lounge is the next room we plan to do. We have gorgeous real fire and fire place so would like to make that the focal point of the lounge. I would love some vibrant effect foil wallpaper. I think it would look absolutely amazing and really stand out.

I think it would give such a funky feel to the lounge and it’s something different that will stand out. I love the high shine and optical illusion style papers too.

There will be many things to consider when wallpapering – 

Layout of the room 

This will be really important with regars to how much wallpaper especially if you are using effect foil wallpaper.  Yu have to buy, what kind of pattern will look the best. If there are many doors or windows in a room or many large pictures etc the wallpaper may not have the impact you want it to.

The size of the walls being covered

Are you going to be able to carry the pattern the whole way around and how much will it cost you in total.

Ensure that the wall is in good condition first 

Make sure that any wallpaper has been taken off from before and there are no lumps and bumps. The wall needs to be smooth to put the new paper up. The wall will look awful if there are bumps as these will show through the freshly put up wallpaper.

Look for inspiration 

If you don’t know where to start or want some ideas etc you can always look online or in magazines for inspiration. Pinterest is fab for looking at designs and home inspiration. There are so many great ideas. YouTube is also great for learning how to actually wallpaper.

With regards to the rest of the room like the thought of navy blue and gold for the lounge, I think gold accessories would look amazing! At the moment the lounge is just magnolia so really needs some colour. Before I take on wallpapering I am going to insure I do some research.

There are other bits I want to get for the room including some prints , I have seen some fabulous framed prints with motivational quotes and also some cool simple picture prints and brightly coloured ones to be dotted around which I think would fit in perfectly.

I also need to find a rug for the lounge as the little ones like playing on the rug in there that we have at the moment. I would like something in theme and bold. A geometric design would fit in fab too. I am also on the lookout for some good quality accessories. I can’t wait to add all of these things and really transform the lounge.

For the floor I love the idea of wood flooring with little ones as it is so easy to maintain and keep clean. Just a quick sweep and mop each day and it always looks fab and fresh. When you have little ones there is always some kind of spillage to clean up and it’s so much easier cleaning wooden floors than carpet.

I would like some contemporary floor lamps with vintage style designs. And for the ceiling lamps I love the low hanging bistro style fittings. I think they will really brighten up the lounge especially in the colder months as it can be a bit darker.

I can’t wait to update this area and really put our stamp on it. I am really getting a taste for home design and interiors now and there are so many gorgeous collections at the moment.

Are you planning any home decor updates? I would love to hear about them if you are for my own decor inspiration.



Thoughts, Comments?

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