Now that the ankle biters are getting that little bit older they are more self-sufficient in the morning they will play in their rooms for a bit while I get ready. Gone are the days where they used to cling to my leg and not let me leave the room to get ready. It used to mean the quickest of showers , mum bun and go. Anyone going through this phase now I promise you it does get better.

Now that I can actually spend some time getting ready in the morning I am ready to set my dressing table back up , get the make up bag out and get in to a proper skin routine. I have a lovely dressing table but need a mirror for it. I came across the Dandelion interiors website and their gorgeous range of mirrors.

I am looking for either a  table mirror or an overmantel mirror that can be attached to the wall above the dressing table. I cannot decide on the colour that I want yet as I have an antique style dressing table so could have either white or silver. It’s so exciting choosing something for me as I have taken quite a back seat with spoiling myself since the ankle biters came along.

My first choice is a  table mirror which I can place on the dressing table. The ones that I quite fancy are as follows.

Antique silver or white regency dressing table mirror 

I love the vintage feel of this and the detailing I think it would go well with my dressing table but I’m also in love with the white version. It would fit perfectly on my dressing table as the dimensions are 73x84x4cm. The price is amazing too at just £139.00 down from £175.00 for the silver or £100 down from £135.00 for the white which is such a good discount. Buying a mirror is an investment as it should last forever so I don’t mind paying this much for it.

Silver Embossed 3 Fold Dressing Table Mirror

I also have my eye on this gorgeous piece too. It would also fit in with the theme in my bedroom and design of the dressing table I have. The dimensions are 63x81cm and it is priced at £98.00 from £132.30 so again a good discount on this.

The other option I have is an overmantel mirror which I could hang just above the dressing table. There are also some lovely choices here. There were two in particular that have caught my eye.

Silver Overmantle Mirror with Crest

This is just beautiful again I love the vintage feel and the detailing. This is a good size to be hung above the dressing table , I quite like the fact it will be attached to the wall too. The dimensions are 90x104x8cm (59x89cm glass) and it comes in at £153.00 reduced from £206.55 which is a bargain.

Classic White Wooden Overmantle Mirror

I am also a little in love with this I really like the detailing at the top and sides. Again it has a really vintage feel and as you know I’m obsessed with anything vintage. This would also fit perfectly as the dimensions are 90x104x8cm (59x89cm glass) and it is prices at £153.00 down from £206.55 also a fab discount.

I have had so much fun browsing through the Dandelion interiors website and they have so much to choose from. The other major attraction apart from the gorgeous items is free delivery on a lot of the mirrors.

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