I love our kitchen it is a good size and laid out how I want it. I would like to change the units etc to make it my dream forever kitchen. There are so many options available these days when it comes to kitchens , I have seen some lovely kitchens whilst browsing on kitchen warehouse.

I really like the idea of solid wood units and sideboards as you have a guarantee that they should last forever. I also would love a country cottage style kitchen with the low sink and neutral colours. Kitchen warehouse offer complete kitchen units which is great.

The cupboards come in all shapes and sizes not just the traditional one size fits all design. There are corner cupboards available and thin sliding cupboards this is so handy when designing a kitchen to utilise every last bit of space.

To me the kitchen should be a family friendly place. The little ones love to pull up a stool and chat to me about what I am doing. They also love helping me prepare meals too. With this in mind I love the idea of a country solid wood kitchen as it’s easier to clean and I wouldn’t have to worry about smears over a high gloss kitchen.

Kitchen warehouse also sell accessories , sometimes I think the way you accessorise something can make it stand out so much and give it that edge. I would start by choosing some pretty door handles , something different to the plain regular ones you get as standard.

I would love an under mount sink in white ceramic , a large sink would be fabulous. This would really fit in with the country cottage kitchen theme too.

I think taps are also important when choosing your sink /kitchen too. There are so many different types of taps available to jazz up any sink. I love the idea of a shower head tap it’s so handy especially when you have little ones. Often they can reach the taps to wash their own hands , that’s where the bendy shower head tap comes in handy.

I would choose all neutral coloured accessories too , the kettle and toaster would be cream. I would also use mason jar style storage and would definitely have to have some gingham thrown in somewhere.

So there you have it my dream forever kitchen , I call it forever kitchen as I would only want to do this once so would choose a made to last kitchen. What does your dream kitchen look like ?

*Collaborative post


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