I love working from home but it can be a bit hectic at times , if I’m alone it’s fine and I can be quite productive. There are times when I get totally distracted by something that needs tidying , the TV or just generally staring in to space!

If the little ones are home and hanging out with Daddy around the house I still find it hard to focus as I can hear what is going on and also they like to come in and out of my office to see me and tell me things. This is lovely but I do find myself loosing my trail of thought a lot.

I would love an office that is not in the house but attached to it , either an extension or I love the idea of sectional garages from Lidget Compton – that would be the ultimate dream. It means I could still work at home but not physically in the house , hence fewer distractions. I have seen some amazing garage conversions and they are much more reasonable than an extension and there are shapes and sizes for everyone’s needs.

I also have a wish list on the go for my office this summer – 

Photo back drop

Working in the world of blogging I take a lot of pictures , mostly of my family but also of products for brands. I would love a back drop for every season and Summer one would be fabulous for right about now. I would also love a Christmas one for when it comes to my gift guide product photos , they would look amazing with the right back drop.

A giant wall length blackboard 

I am juggling so many plates at the moment with Archie and Frankie in different school/nursery and all of the school runs, my Welsh course and working for home on the forever growing blog. I am getting a bit forgetful and need to write everything down! I would love a blackboard as long as the wall to write all my lists and reminders etc.

Photo lighting 

Again on to the subject of photos , during the winter months the lighting can be really dull and does not make for good photos indoors. This can be hard if I have products to take photos of. I need to get some ring lights and umbrella lighting to help with this.


I need to organise my paper work in to sections and maybe get a filling cabinet for this and use a large printed folder for my invoices.

As you can see being a blogger you tend to have / need loads of stuff , so an office space in a room within the house just isn’t enough. I can;t wait to start planning my new office and have my own space.

*Collaborative post

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