As you know we are buying the house we currently rent , the house is in really good condition and jut needs a little spruce up here and there. Just to make the place look fresher and also put our stamp on it.

Here are a few things we will be doing in order to spruce up the areas –

Touch up the gloss work 

The gloss work is looking a little tired in areas and also has some chips here and there , mostly due to the fact it’s had a monster truck or a tractor run along it. I want to invest in some good quality stay white gloss as I have noticed gloss isn’t as good as it used to be and tends to tun yellow quickly.

Get some new skirting boards 

So many of the skirting boards around the house and old or chipped and really need to be replaced now. I was browsing online and came across some great MDF skirting boards.  I think the new boards will really spruce up each area and make it look much fresher.

Create some feature walls 

Every wall in the house is white or magnolia , this is good as we have a plain canvas. But is can get a little boring and samey. I would love to create some feature walls , either by adding a colour to one more wall or use some frog tape and create some designs. For example mountains in Archie’s room or a geometric design in our bedroom.


I think accessories are so some important and it puts a stamp on each room.  For example in the dining room I have a mustard and grey theme. Even though we have plain walls we have invested in some accessories like vases , photo frames and curtains which has given the room a lovely theme.

New curtains and soft furnishings 

Curtains can really make a difference to a room and be the first step to a theme. You can then build off the curtains to create the theme and decide on colour schemes. I also love the way new cushion covers and throws can give a new lease of life to a sofa and change the whole room.

I can’t wait for all of these plans to come together – I will be posting some updates as I go to show you all the progress. What are your top tips for freshening up areas of the home.

*Collaborative post


Thoughts, Comments?

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