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Most people are unaware of the development of technology in domestic heating over the last decade. The good news is that improvements in boilers themselves, as impressive as they are, have been more than matched by innovations in the world of heating control. The result is that, if you chose wisely, you’ll end up with a system that is not only cheaper to run but is easier to use.

Not So Fun Fact: In 2005, it became mandatory for all gas-type boilers fitted in homes, regardless of new installations or replacements, have to be condensing boilers, meaning that they would be more efficient, as they can recover the latent heat contained in waste gases… Long story short, they are suitable for all homes!

To make the ultimate decision on which boiler to go for, we need to talk about the various types of boilers and which would best suit your home:

Combi Boiler

The Combi Boiler is considerably the most popular type of boiler, as they are compact and quick to install. Not only do they provide heat for your radiators and hot running eater on demand, but they do not require a water storage cylinder, therefore, taking up less space, making them ideal for smaller properties.

Combis works as sealed systems, providing hot water for both the taps and the central heating system, heating the water directly from the hands as and when needed, meaning no need for a hot water cylinder, creating more room for extra wardrobe space!

The advantage of having one of these boilers is that they are more efficient all-round, more so for speed of installation, ease of use, and price, as well as saving space due to a cylinder not being a requirement. We’ll go one better and tell you that the combi boiler provides hot water at mains pressure, giving you the desire of showering with more power, without the need for an additional shower pump. What’s not to love, right?

Unfortunately, most good things come with a catch. As good as this boiler sounds, this is more suited to smaller families with one bathroom, whereas larger families will encounter poor flow rates when multiple outlets are used at once. Another major factor to consider is that if the pipe connected to your home is less than 22mm, the combi’s performance will certainly be affected.

If you have a large family, do not click away just yet! We have the answer for you:

System Boiler

System boilers operate by providing the radiators in your home straight with warm water and a cylinder for hot water storage. Most of the heating system’s significant parts, such as the pump and expansion vessel, are contained within a single unit, making it easier, cheaper, and neater to install and maintain.

System boilers are perfect for larger homes that require more. With having a cylinder, system boilers are able to feed multiple outlets at once with ease. The expansion vessel is built into the boiler meaning that there is no need for a cistern. With this being said, because water is being delivered at mains pressure, your hot water will be more or less instant.

One downfall with having a system boiler is that they are known by installers to be prone to problems, with the main root of the problem being pressure loss.

Conventional Boilers

If you’d like to go down the traditional, old-fashioned route for boilers, conventional is your answer. They use a storage tank which holds litres of water in order for your home to be supplied with hot water. The big problem that occurs with convential boilers is that you’ll have to wait for the tank to be refilled before it can be used again.

Not only are they expensive to install, one other major concern with conventional boilers is the sheer amount of space due to the required components and pipework.

Now It’s Down To You…

You’ve heard the good, the bad, and the ugly of each boiler, but are you still undecided?

To buy the best boiler possible is to buy the most efficient boiler you can, and usually, 90% and above is deemed efficient. Aim for something that has at least a five-year warranty. We believe that the boilers that have the highest potential, are fan-assisted and room-sealed type boilers.

Still not convinced?

If you’re still unsure of which boiler to pursue, BOXT is a nationwide boiler installation company, and provide an instant quote on boilers and determine which boiler would be best for your home throughout the UK. No sign-ups are required! With the click of a few buttons to answer questions, simply receive your quote with no extra hassle.

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