Sometimes, we get the urge to really take stock of our home and freshen it up a bit. It is only natural that over time our taste changes and we feel the need to change up our homes and transform them into a completely different space. This can be something as simple as changing over your colour scheme to completely remodelling certain rooms of your house.

Making changes doesn’t need to be hard, you can update your look and replace old or worn furnishings in a few simple ways regardless or your budget.


Changing the flooring in different rooms of your home can really freshen up your look. From simply replacing old worn out carpets to installing wooden or laminate flooring where you previously had carpets can completely transform the look and feel of a room. If your floor is in good condition without coverings, why not consider restoring your wooden flooring around the home for a more authentic feel throughout.

Decorative Items.

By simply replacing ornaments or adding some to a room you can see the changes instantly. If you are going for a certain or colour theme, adding in select pieces like cushions to your sofa in a new colour choice can add a new dimension to your space. The same with adding a rug to wood or laminate flooring. It can add warmth and depth to the floor and create a focal point in the room.

For walls, why not look at changing up any photos you have by swapping them out for new and different frames. Maybe you want to hang some artwork on your walls to create a striking focal point for family and visitors alike. Opting to stand alone pieces such as Jeremy Houghton Paintings can add something different and unique to your home that you can treasure for many years to come.

Why not look at adding a striking fireplace to your room or upcycling the one you currently have? This is a great way to add a centrepiece to a room and add style and character easily to complete your chosen look.

Decorating Your Home.

If you are thinking of a complete style overhaul, it makes sense to start with the colour scheme of your home. Freshen up your look by adding some cool colours to brighten up and open small rooms. Or maybe you can contrast the dark with the light to create a stunning feature wall with colours that really pop! Pairing navy with pink hues is really on trend right now and can turn your room into a cosy space to relax in.

Carrying on the same theme throughout your home can really pull your house together.

Where children’s bedrooms are concerned there is so much you can do to decorate and ensure the room fits in with a select theme or colour scheme. Cabin beds with drawers in particular are not only a stylish addition to add to a room, but they also create a helpful storage space underneath. They’re very popular for their customisation and versatile storage options

attention to detail and adding these around the different rooms in your home can create and the illusion of style as you add your personality to your living space to create something you are proud of and can enjoy when you are relaxing at home.

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