Starting a family is one of the most exciting periods in anyone’s life. Suddenly, life doesn’t revolve around you anymore and you have to take other factors into consideration. One such factor is the place that you live – that starter home may well have provided ample room for just the two of you, but can it accommodate the patter of little feet?

This is when you have to start feeling really grown up and look at upsizing in order for your growing family to have room – and to allow room for any more additions to the family as the years roll by. Everyone knows that from the second you become a parent, you begin to look at the world in a different light, so what aspects do parents consider when looking for a new home?

Number of Bedrooms
One of the very first things that any parent looks for when looking at a new home is the number of bedrooms that it has. Children can share rooms up to a certain age, but eventually they are going to want their own space. Could you imagine living on top of your siblings until either one of you moved out?

It’s not just how many bedrooms the property has that should be a factor, but also the size of them. Small bedrooms are fine for the early years, but as they grow the lack of space soon becomes apparent. When looking to upsize for your growing family, ask yourself whether the home will be suitable 10 years down the road, instead of just the here and now.

As well as the actual property itself, location is supremely important when bringing up a family. Is the location ideal? Is it a friendly neighbourhood? Is there ample parking? What are the local schools like? That is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what parents should be considering before buying a home.

Even in the digital age where it is now possible to take part in house bidding auctions online, nothing beats viewing the property and getting a feel for the property yourself. Make sure to do your research on the local area – nothing beats asking those that either still live or have lived in the area for their experiences.

Every family home needs to have a garden where the kids can go out and play (weather permitting). A garden where everyone can convene for summer BBQ’s, where children can plant their first blossoms and chase each other around in.

While the garden isn’t the most important aspect to consider when looking to upsize, having a good sized space to make your own is a feature that many homeowners look for. Somewhere that you can turn into your own personal haven that the family can retreat to is something that every home should have.

When you look around a house for the first time, you are picturing in your mind the changes that you would make to turn it into a home. Buying a home with the view to starting or extending your family of course means the chances are that you will be busying painting and decorating at some point in the (near) future.

If you simply cannot picture how you would turn a house into a home, then it’s probably not the one for you. If, though, when being shown through you can picture exactly what you would do with the place in crystal clear quality, you have found the home that you have been looking for.

They say that you just know when you find the home that you have been looking for, and if all of the above boxes have been ticked then you should waste no time in putting in an offer.

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