I have recently set up an office space at home which is fab as I can now keep all of my work in one place. When I first started blogging I just had my laptop , the sofa and a notebook full of scrap pieces of paper. It has grown so much over the last year and a half and now I’m armed with many more gadgets , accounts and other bits. I really need to get organised now.

I have a lovely desk but need some organisational storage , at the moment everything is an organised mess. I know where everything is but nobody else would have a clue. I need some filing cabinets for my accounts and also some shelving.

I was browsing online and came across some gorgeous office items so I have come up with my office wish list.


I really need some filling cabinets for my accounts at the moment they are all in one place , a folder on my desk in no particular order. I have seen some gorgeous beach filling cabinets with three drawers which is perfect. I also need some of the multi drawer thinner ones as it comes in handy to have a few drawers to put different items in.

I would also love some storage and little bits that just live on my desk. Some pretty pen post would be perfect. I also saw some gorgeous little mason jars with handles in different colours which would be fab for paper clips an my letter board pins. I love accessorising and think it makes all the difference to a space.

Notice board

I really need somewhere to put important dates and things to do. I am always forgetting where I have put things and also sometimes forgetting important dates until last minute. The baby brain 3 years on has not left me ! Ideally I want a notice board above my desk so I have everything in one place.


I have loads of funky little accessories like my neon heart lamp and various motivational quote plaques etc. I also have a light box and some cacti . I now need somewhere to display these. Whilst browsing I also came across some beach shelves that will match the filing cabinets really well.

Posture seating 

I have a desk chair but it doesn’t give my back the best support. Sometimes I can be at my desk for hours and then I’m on agony. I still suffer with my back after having the little ones , so siting down for long periods can be hard. I am looking for an ergonomic modern desk chair.

I will have my office space how I want it in no time , I think an appealing and clear space will be much better for me work wise. It will motivate me to work more and want to be in that space. Do you have an office space ? What is your must have office item?

*Collaborative post

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