Why do people choose old watches when the newer versions are shinier, supposedly tick better and have higher-class engineering? There is definitely something magical and special about collecting timepieces from other eras. Some prefer to have a one-off piece whereas others like to build entire collections.

There are several reasons why someone might want to collect antique watches. It helps when someone has found a reputable seller who stock a good range such as trusted dealers like Kalmar Antiques

Here are some of the reasons why people might collect antique watches-
1. They were not able to afford them when they were younger 

Maybe there was a certain brand or style of watch someone had their eye on in youth but couldn’t pay the price at the time. Now time has passed and the brand still kept its legacy therefore the individual now can afford to pay extra for owning it.

2. The thrill of the chase 

Serious collectors will keep hunting and looking until they get the final one. Having the entire collection boasts a sense of finality and makes the owner proud as they look at all the models.

3. An interest in history  

If you naturally seek out things that are unique and distinctive, you will probably be drawn to collecting antiques. So vintage watch collectors will more than likely be history fans too. There’s nothing quite like owning something from another time period which has designs, structures and notable influences from that era. This can be very romantic for some people.

4. Exclusivity 

You can guarantee that unlike high-street watches, no one will be walking around with the antique collector’s watch. There is a special exclusivity with vintage time pieces and they are harder to seek out. This means that when someone finds a good watch, there’s a certain amount of victory and sense of accomplishment.

Nowadays, there are a few reputable websites and retailers who trade and collect antique timepieces. For example, Kalmar Antiques have the finest range of vintage watches that boast individuality and exclusivity.

So when it comes down to the hunt, there’s a lot to be said for the amount of research one has to go through, the sifting and sorting until you find that perfect ‘one’.

5. Better quality than the new designs available  
Those who proudly own vintage watches may proudly state that the engineering, design and more is far superior on antiques. They prefer the time and effort gone into making these handcrafted beauties compared to the mass-produced watches that glorify magazine pages and storefronts today. This is down to personal taste and can differ greatly across a range of collectors.

6. It’s an investment 
Of course, the worth and value behind an antique watch is considerably higher than anything on the market. It can also be passed down to generations and treated as an heirloom for those who wish.

Ultimately, antique watches connect to the larger picture of humanity. It increases the sense of community and intrigues curios minds. Therefore, many people are drawn into the collectors’ world for antique watches.

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