I have made a promise to treat myself to more clothes and build up a staple wardrobe for each season. I love autumn fashion it’s my absolute favourite. I need some new casual outfits and pieces I can easily put together for the nursery run. I had a search on love the sales website and I really like the way all of the current sales are listed in one place, makes it so much easier.

UGG boots 

I need some new boots for Autumn something cosy and not too formal. I have always fancied some UGG’s but never got round to buying any. They look so comfy and comfort is what I need as I do a lot of walking and running around after the little ones. I had a browse at the UGG sale. I am loving metallic look and want some ankle length boots so these classic gold metallic mini ankle boots are fab. They are now £70.00 in the sale which is a bargain for UGG’s.

UGG bag

Now that the ankle biters are getting older and out of nappies I no longer need a changing bag so I’m going to treat myself to a across body bag. I just adore this UGG Vivienne Tan Leather Sheepskin Satchel. It’s priced at £90.00 but there is an extra 20 percent off for a limited period of time. I love a discount code!


Topshop jeans 

I am always on the look out for new jeans , I love all of the embroiled jeans at the moment. I had a look at the Topshop sale as love the quality of their jeans and they last for years. I came across some amazing Aztec style embodied jeans and teamed with the boots I’ve chosen they will look amazing. They are a complete bargain at £30.00.

Topshop Sweatshirt

I love this sweatshirt by illustrated people and it is perfect for the autumn in between weather. The design is edgy and right up my street. This was priced at £27.50 this is a fab price for a branded item.

Thoughts, Comments?

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