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Since I’ve had the ankle biters my hair is the bane of my life. It falls out loads still even after nearly 3 years of having my last child. I also get baby hair growing at the front and frizzy bits. My hair isn’t in the same condition it used to be it’s very fizzy and generally dry.

I get bored with the Mum bun and my hair colour also. I would love to able to change the style and colour whenever I want. I’ve also wondered about using wigs and how easy they could make it to change your hairstyle in an instant.

Divatress have so many lovely wigs which would be fab for a night out or special occasion. I think it’s so important to set aside for yourself and papering when you are a Mum as you somewhat lose your identity.

I love to get glammed up and change my hair and make up when I have the chance. I love the ombre look and also dream of rose-pink hair , wearing a wig for a special occasion would mean I could do this safely with no damage to the hair and also if I were to hate the colour there is no permanent change.


Thoughts, Comments?

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