If you are preparing for an interview then you will probably have a long list of things to do to beforehand. You will hopefully be preparing for your interview questions, doing as much research on the employer as possible and planning your travel arrangements.

A lot of companies are opting for more relaxed dress codes for work but does that mean that you should not make a big effort for your interview? Absolutely not! Giving that first impression is vital in being offered a job so do not think that just because the employer operates a casual dress policy that they will not expect you to dress smartly for an interview.


If you can get in for a haircut prior to the interview then that is a good idea. Whilst people say appearance isn’t everything, having a new haircut will make you feel more confident and this will transpire in your interview.

You might be considering wearing an outfit that you already own, rather than buying new. If this is the case, make sure that you try it on well before the morning of the interview. It might not fit very well anymore or there could be a mark on it that you forgot about etc. Get your outfit ironed and hung up a couple of days before the interview just in case you have any ironing mishaps, as it will give you some time to rectify the situation!

What to Wear

First and foremost, you need to wear an outfit that you will feel comfortable in. You can’t predict the room temperature, so make sure that you will be comfortable both wearing a jacket and not wearing one if you need to take it off. The last thing you want is to get hot and flustered or start sweating because you hadn’t planned to take your jacket off.

If you are buying new then you should select an outfit that is typical of the industry that you are going to be working in. For example, if you are going to an interview to work in a jewellery store, the interviewer will probably be looking to see your own choice of jewellery. So you should look at fashionable men’s silver bracelets or women’s earrings to make sure you look the part. You can visit your favourite high-street stores to get an idea of the current style of outfit to choose.


Accessories can be just as important in an interview as the rest of your outfit. If you dress really smartly but then turn up with a shopping bag to carry your interview notes and belongings in then it probably won’t make a great impression! So give as
much thought to your accessories as the rest of your outfit and be prepared well in advance.


Far too many people neglect their footwear and just throw on the shoes that they usually wear to work. You might think that nobody pays attention to shoes but that is rarely the case. So if your shoes need a polish, make sure you do that the night before your interview. Nice, professional looking shoes can give off a big impression.

Before the interview make sure that you brush your teeth, check your hair and face in the mirror just in case you got caught in the wind and haven’t noticed your hair is all over the place. Finally, make sure that you have planned your travel carefully enough to arrive in the area early and get to the location of the interview about 10 minutes before it is due to take place.

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