It can be difficult buying for someone who is taller or bigger than average as not all shops cater for this. These days we are so lucky there are so many online shops that do cater for this. James is tall and we have trouble getting long enough trousers for him.

Big and tall clothing for men can be confusing. If someone in your life requires a big and tall size, that could mean a variety of things. He may be big, but not tall, or vise versa. To make matters more complicated, some stores that sell big and tall sizes don’t know the difference.

The Difference

Big men have larger chests, waists, and hips. They may need a big shirt, but not a long shirt. Or they may need a bigger waist size, but not a taller inseam. Tall men are usually at least 6’2” but may not be big otherwise.

But even then, the dimensions he needs will be much different depending on where on his body that length lies.

Does he have long legs and a short torso? Or the other way around? Maybe he can buy his shirts at a regular department store but needs to buy his pants from a big and tall store. See the confusion here?

So Why is it Hard to Shop?

For the reasons I just mentioned, and many more, big and tall men struggle to find clerks in stores who can help them at all. Men’s clothing in larger sizes can be big and tall. Or it can just be big. Or it can just be tall.

Some manufacturers provide clothing sizes that are confusing to begin with, and they’re not consistent across manufacturers or stores. This makes it even worse!

Knowledge and Proper Fit

When shopping big and tall clothiers, you should be armed with the most accurate proportions needed. This enables you to make better buying decisions in an already tricky niche of clothing.

You can save yourself a lot of frustration when shopping for big and tall clothing by buying it online. This makes the buying process easy, and exchanges are easy, too. In the event that the clothing doesn’t fit, you can something else that does.

Big and tall clothing doesn’t have to be complicated when you’re armed with the right resources and knowledge. 

Where do you shop for your big and tall clothing ?  Do you find there is enough selection?

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