The team at NUYU can all still remember the excitement of preparing for the prom. It is one of those landmark moments in life that you hope to remember positively into the future. You will have spent a lot of time seeking out the perfect dress and feeling confident to walk in its beautiful lines.

It is now time for those finishing touches. Your hairstyle is likely to get as much attention as the dress. You not only need something stylish but something that will complement the design of your entire outfit. All these choices enhance the smiles and the good memories you will gain. They will also dazzle in the photographs.

Here are some of the most amazing hairstyles you could choose to wow at your prom.

French braid with high-volume curls

An excellent choice for a hairstyle to complement an elegant gown is the French braid, with accentuated curls beneath and around. The French braid will draw the hair away from the face, allowing your eyes to take centre-stage. Then, the barrelled curls will add that touch of luxury, with waves of hair cascading over bare shoulders.

Chain braid chignon

If you want to make a feature of your neck and shoulders, then drawing your hair up into a chignon is a great choice. This is a throwback to times when ladies and lords danced in court but continue to offer class. The chain braid around the crown takes this vintage-look and adds a hint of luxury. In short, you will feel like a princess.

Pinned back ringlets

Sticking with the retro, why not try for ringlets. It creates an image of cute yet charming. You will feel undeniably upper-class with your tresses looping but controlled by the pin. You can add a frame to your facial features by leaving some bangs, or for a cleaner line, pin these back too. You will likely need a lot of hairspray to keep this polished look in place, but it is worth the effort.

High-volume curled low bun

You may want to keep the perception of long curly hair but maintain some control over the unruly locks. It is wonderful to have thick, curly hair, and people may look on with jealousy. However, keeping this beast under control takes some skill. A low bun at the base of the neck will draw the curls into place while allowing you the luxury of the generous waves. This is a classic look but one that captures the glamour of the prom. Remember to leave a few strands to soften the face and to hint at your wild side.

Double braided half updo

If you are looking for something more bohemian or a little more romantic, then mixing hair down over the shoulders but with some control of the braid is a good choice. The half updo draws the hair away from your face while allowing you the flowing locks that will make you feel like a princess. This use of braids, both a tight twist and a loose braid, add texture and interest. It will also appear like a crown. Who needs a tiara when you can have a style like this?

Curly half updo

If you want the texture of curls, with the luxury of hair down over shoulders, but with the convenience of the hair pulled off the face – then the curly half updo is for you. This is a simple style, but with simplicity often comes style. You will create long loose curls that are then drawn back with a braid into a half updo.

Floral, wavy half updo

If you want to add some innocence and cuteness to your curly half updo, then leave the curls a little looser and add some flowers to the braid. It is a lovely girly touch, and the flowers can complement the corsage that your partner will have to remember to arrange for you.

Side-swept loose braid

Taking the hair to one side looks sensual. You expose one shoulder while making the most of your hair length and curls. Pulling it one side in a loose braid also gives you control over the hair without appearing too severe and losing some of the volume and texture of the curls. This is a graceful look and one that will suggest femininity, which for a prom night is the perfect hairstyle.

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