It’s that time of year again when the wardrobe needs updating ! I love Autumn fashion it’s my favourite – jeans, chunky knits and boots. You can’t go wrong if you have these staples in your wardrobe.

I don’t find I have much time to go shopping and am always in a rush, I prefer to browse online when I have quiet time and can concentrate. I find the range online so much better than in the stores too, there is so much more to choose from and you don’t end up with the same old clothes as everyone else.

Another good things about buying online it that there are so many different payment options these days , which is great as means in most cases if you are sensible you can spread the cost. A great way to look for these offers is

My top tips for shopping online –

Customise your searches

This will really help you find the bargains and also exactly what you are looking for. I will always type in something like “ladies coat sale” I find if you put sale at the end of the search all of the clothes etc you are searching for on offer will come up. Also if you type in what you are looking for on google followed by the world sale/offers this also helps.

Turn on alerts

Turn on email alerts and push notifications for your favourite sites this way when there is a sale, offer or discount code you will get a notification. This means you can hop on straight away and grab some bargains.

Sign up for newsletters

I always sign up for the newsletters from my favourite site as this way I can find out the dates of the sales and also get any exclusive discount codes that are available.

I have had so many good buys online and just find it a general lifesaver for saving time etc. Do you have any tips for shopping online that I haven’t mentioned here? Would love to hear about them.

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