Over the years we tend to build up an insane amount of clothing. Although I have a few staple pieces that have stuck with me throughout the years, I am definitely guilty of heading to the high street and buying the latest trends. Many trends come and go and we end up with clothes we no longer wear. 

Clothing can also build up in your closet for other reasons, including clothes that no longer fit you, or items that are starting to show signs of wear and tear. When clothes get old or you no longer wear them, there are still so many ways they can be used or useful to somebody else. Instead of just throwing them away, why not try and give them a second life? We’ve teamed up with Alterations Boutique, experts in clothing alterations, to give you some tips on what to do with your old clothing! Keep reading for 4 ways you can give your old clothes a new life.

4 Ways to Give Your Clothes a New Life

Give to Charity

For clothes that you no longer like or don’t fit you anymore, donating to charity is a fantastic option. Whether this is donating clothes to a charity that provides people with the items, or giving them to a charity shop where they will be sold to raise money, you will be making a difference to somebody’s life. 

Clothing Alterations 

If clothing no longer fits you but you still love the style, consider clothing alterations. Clothing alterations allow you to take an item that no longer fits you and tailor it to your current size! You can also change up the style if you would like to, using the fabric to create something new. For clothes that are too small for you, you could even create new items for your little ones. The fabric is still in good condition and with children constantly growing it’s great to save some money by using old clothing. 

Upcycle the Fabric

Why not try some DIY with old clothing? As mentioned above, a lot of the time the material is still in great condition. If you have enough of the material there are plenty of projects you can do around the house with old clothing. Whether it’s making pillow cases, blankets or a bag, get crafty by upcycling your old clothes.

Sell Online

If you have some high ticket items that you think you could make some money with, opt for selling online. You can make a good amount of money by using online platforms that allow you to sell second hand clothing online. The process is straightforward and you only have to pay a small fee to the website and on some occasions this is only when the item is sold, so it’s definitely worth a shot!

So there are just a few of the ways you can reuse your old clothing. What do you do with the clothes you no longer wear? Let me know in the comments! If you want more money saving tips head over to my money cottage for some fab ideas.

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