How to make a complete easter tree for £10

I love Easter and the fact that all the shops are selling decorations and various Easter trees. The pastel colours are just amazing and look so pretty. I have fallen in love with the idea of the Easter tree but not the cost , some online shops were selling them for £30.

I had a look on google and Pinterest and saw that some people were making their own. I’m not amazing at crafts at all but thought I would give it a go. So this is what I did and what you will need to make a complete Easter tree for £10.

What you will need

  • Some good sized twigs with branches

  • White acrylic paint – I got mine from Wilkos for £2

  • A long vase which will be big enough to fit the branches in – I got mine from Tiger for £4 they had three colours a pastel pink , clear and teal green

  • Some Easter decorations – a lot of shops are selling these at the moment , Home Bargains have an amazing range that are anywhere between 59p an £1 – I spent £4 in total on decorations

How I made the tree

  • I cut any odd ends off the branches and made sure they were all the same height


  • I then painted them with the acrylic paint in white but you could use any colour they have some lovely pastel lemon and pink colours. They only needed one coat which was fab. I left them outside to dry which didn’t take long in this glorious spring sunshine.

  • When dry I then used some leftover ribbon to tie all the twigs together and arranged them in the vase , this takes a bit of arranging until you are happy with them.

  • I then just hung the decorations on the branches was as simple as that. You could use some Easter shredded nest or paper in the vase for extra effect and to keep the twigs in place.

  • And there you have it a complete Easter tree for £10 – I really enjoyed making this and am really happy with the outcome.