Fun with Schleich Dinosaurs

Archie and Frankie love dinosaurs so much and spend hours on end playing with the large collection they have. In fact one of Frankie first words was dinosaur. I love any toys that get their imagination going and love to see the role play element in action.
Today they have taken the dinosaurs on a journey “a long way away on an adventure to a dinosaur castle over a rainbow” in Archie’s words.
The ankle biters were thrilled to be sent Schleich’s new dinosaur collection they were sent the Feathered Raptor , T-Rex mini and the Utahraptor mini.
The Feathered Raptors are amazing and had so much detailing which included a feather effect. Archie and Frankie loved these as they haven’t got anything like this in their collection.
They also had movable arms and one of them had a moveable mouth. Archie fed them some bread sticks when they stopped for a snack on the way to the dinosaur castle.
The two mini dinosaurs were equally well made and realistic. Frankie called them the baby dinosaurs. She had fun putting them in her truck because they were tired.
I loved the way these toys sparked their imagination and how they used other toys alongside them to build on the imaginative play. Frankie took her pony on the adventure too.
I would definitely recommend these and will be going to the Schleich website to purchase some more of the dinosaur collection.  They have so much more detail than the ones we have bought in the past and they are really well made to last.
We were sent these in return for an honest review . all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Folly Tower adventures with Schleich Farm World Toys


Today we decided to go for a walk up to the Folly tower and see the cows and take in the beautiful views. The ankle biters love going on adventures to the mountain. This was the perfect opportunity for them to take the Schleich Farm World toys we were asked to review.

We were sent the new starter set which includes a donkey, cow, rooster and a lamb. Archie and Frankie were so excited to play with these. They both knew exactly what the animals were when we got them out of the box. The animals were of really high quality and solidly made , they are definitely made to last.

We had a little play at home and built a barn with some blocks for the animals to shelter in. Archie and Frankie were so excited to put the animals in to the barn and were happy playing and using role play skills and their imagination which kept them entertained long enough for mummy to have a hot cup of tea.


They really enjoyed taking the animals up to the mountain and creating memories with them. Frankie set them up on a pedestal and was doing her best animal noises. Archie then took them for an explore on to the grass and found some fab mole holes for the farm friends to play in and get muddy. He told me they would need a bath when we got home.


Archie wanted to show the real cows his toy cow , he said it was a “baby cow” Both Archie and Frankie really enjoyed playing with these and it really helped their imaginative role play skills. We are so excited to get some more of the Schleich Farm World toys to add to our collection. The ankle biters have already been telling me which ones they want next when we took a look at the full collection on the Schleich website.

I was sent a Schleich Farm World starter pack in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.