For a while, you were quite content driving around in your motor. It got you from A to B, offered you some level of luxury in your life, and it was reasonably nice to look at. But time moves on, and your car may no longer be as fit for purpose as it once was. Despite the love you have for your motor, it may finally be time to say goodbye to the car that has been a big part of your life. It may be time to let your old car depart into that great big junkyard in the sky. Or the one at the end of the street. Here’s why.

Sign #1: Your car is a great big pile of junk

After years of driving, wear and tear will begin to show. That’s normal. But if your car is a rust bucket, with doors barely hanging onto the hinges, door knobs no longer functional, holes in your roof, and seats that are no longer comfortable, it may be time to go for something new. This is especially true if your family is embarrassed every time they get into your ‘trusty’ old rust bucket, the noise in the exhaust giving away their location as you trundle noisily down the road!

Sign #2: Your car spends more time in the garage than on your drive

Every car goes into the garage at some point in its life, no matter how well looked after it has been. But if you are making constant visits to the auto repair services, such as those good folks at Vantage Tyres, then you need to question if it’s worth hanging onto your car. Ask the garage for advice, as while any auto repair service will be happy for your service, they may feel a little guilty taking your money every time your car breaks down or is in need of yet another fix. There has to be a limit on how much you spend, as it may be more cost-effective to buy a new motor.

Sign #3: Your car is destroying the world

Older cars are terrible for the carbon footprint, so if you are in any way interested in living a sustainable lifestyle, it’s in everyone’s best interests if you replaced your toxic nightmare with something greener. An electric or hybrid vehicle are both valid options, though any new car produced today is greener than their older counterparts, as the government has laid down strict guidelines about the environment to car manufacturers.

Sign #4: You have a family to think about

If you’re driving around in something relatively small, then it may no longer be suitable for a growing family. Or if your car is a junk bucket, and is perhaps not as safe to drive around in than it once was, you do need to consider the welfare of your family. In any case, perhaps it’s time you started looking around for a new family car; something that can accommodate everybody, offer protection, and as we mentioned earlier, something that your family isn’t embarrassed to be seen in when you’re out and about.

Is it time you bought a new car? If you have related to anything in this article, then yes, it may be time to let go of whatever it is you have been driving around in and replace it with something new. You will only grieve a short while, as your new car will be far more reliable, cheaper to run, and give you and your family a lot more street cred.

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