A delayed flight can really impact on your holiday whether it is delaying getting to your destination or delaying getting home after a busy holiday. It can be so frustrating being in limbo not knowing why you are delayed or being given information on what to expect and how long you will be delayed for.

Throw children and little ones in to the mix and this can really stir things up. They do not understand the concept of delays and do not have the patience to wait for anything at the best of times.  It can really put a dampener on the start of a holiday or ruin a lovely break away.

There are a few things you can do to ensure you are prepared for a delay to make things a little easier , these include –

  • Packing extra snacks and drinks
  • Take some extra blankets as it can get cold in the airport
  • Ensure you have their favourite toys and some travel games
  • Charge up the iPad’s and tablets and fill them with favourite films and TV shows
  • Pack some extra clothes to allow for accidents or some PJ’s if it’s an over night flight
  • Make sure you pack medication for any illnesses that spring up or if the baby is teething

You can try to explain to older children what is going on and reason with them – this can be difficult or near on impossible if you have smaller toddlers or babies. It can cause a lot of stress and discomfort for everyone involved. It can lead to you feeling helpless and not knowing what to do for the best.

When you get home from the holiday it is always worth checking if you are entitled to any form of compensation for your inconvenience of being delayed. Flight delay compensation websites can help with this and give you the advice you need.

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