Cabo San Lucas is a Mexican city on the very southern side of the country. It’s caribbean climate attracts many holiday makers to visit, but one of the main reasons that you should take a trip to Cabo San Lucas (known as Cabo in English) is because of the breathtaking views that you can lay your eyes on while you’re there.

If you’re looking for more reasons to visit Cabo, then take a look at the most breath-taking places that you will most definitely need your camera for.

Arch of Cabo San Lucas
Right at the end of the land in Cabos is the famous arch that’s been naturally formed by the sea eroding away the rock. It’s more famously known as El Arco, and has crystal blue waters lapping against it. Definitely picture worthy and an unmissable opportunity if you’re heading to Cabos!

Fairfield Inn Los Cabos
When travelling it’s important that you are staying somewhere that’s as beautiful as the sights around you. That’s why you should book yourself in to the Fairfield Inn, Los Cabos for the entirety of your stay. You can expect exquisite details and luxurious rooms and amenities, all which will prompt you to want to snap a shot of it all so that you can remember the beauty of it for years to come.

El Dorado Golf and Beach Club
If you’re the type that enjoys something a little more exciting and adventurous, then the El Dorado Golf club is something that you should consider doing. Not only will you have tons of fun practicing your swing and getting the chance to play like a pro golfer, but you will be stunned in awe at the pure beauty of the resort. With plenty of refreshments and fine dining available on site, you can spend hours if not days at this beautiful place!

Lovers Beach
While the name may give off the impression that this beach is meant for lovers only, it’s actually far from the case. The spectacular beach offers activities that everyone can get involved in, and of course give you the perfect excuse to keep topping up your tan. Head there for it’s enjoyment both activity wise, and also for your eyes.

Buccaneer Queen
Finally the Buccaneer Queen was designed around a pirate ship and offers you the chance to sight-see whales, do a spot of snorkelling and also gaze in awe at the beautiful sunsets that Cabos has to offer. It’s been mentioned a lot, but with all this beauty you’d best not forget your camera!

As you can see, Cabo San Lucas has so much to offer you including a photo perfect opportunity with almost every corner that you turn. Pack your vacation full of fun, sightseeing, and relaxation!

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