Adventures are our favourite and in particular exploring new places. We try to go on as many mini breaks as we can to explore new areas of the country. It would be amazing to not have to plan sometimes and just get up and go.

We would love a  camper van to be able to just get up and go. Having a camper van would give us this freedom , I have been browsing a VW camper specialist and seeing all of the options available.

I love that you can take your camper can to these guys and they will re design it just at you want. They can fit beds , seats , heating and windows. They also sell camper vans too. I think it’s great that you can have an input in to the design and they can be as creative as you like.

It would be like a home from home as we could cook meals , have a comfy bed to sleep in at night and all of our little home comforts. The anklebiters would love the adventure and I think it would be so good for their development and learning about the world around them.

We have a bucket list of places we would visit if we had a camper van – 

St Ives – Cornwall 

It looks amazing here and somewhere I have never been , loads of places to explore and go on adventures.  We love being by the coast and waking up next to it would be amazing.

The Scottish highlands 

It would be amazing to see and travel around the highlands in a camper van. We would love the off track adventures so this would be perfect for us. The views and wildlife would be the best way to wake up.

Snowdonia national park 

I would be amazing to see the snow peaked mountains up close and stay close enough to explore whenever we wanted. We love walks and seeing the sights so this would be perfect for us.

Brecon beacons waterfalls 

We have visited before but didn’t get a chance to explore all of the waterfalls and it would have been nice to have some home comforts along the way. A camper can would be the perfect way to do this , we could even have lunch on a camp stove with the sound of the waterfalls in the background.

So that is our bucket list right now but it is ever-growing , what is your dream camper van trip ?

*Collaborative post

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