It can be a daunting thought planning a trip and traveling with a young family in toe. Will you have thought of all the things you need ? Will the accommodation be safe and good for the little ones ? Will they cope with the journey and method of transport? All of these points can be planned for well in advance of the holiday.

There are a few things to ensure when planning a trip with your family

Do your research 

Ensure that you research all  types villas and every possibility that may arise. When it comes to the villa ask questions like will you have security staff , concierge etc Just in case anything was to go wrong or if you need help with anything.

A villa holiday can be fab for families as you are guaranteed to have more space in a home from home . Most villas also have private swimming pools too so no need to travel to relax by the pool.

I love the idea of a villa holiday in more exotic locations , I think it would be such a good experience for the children. I came across a fab Villa holidays site called Villa Finder. They have over 1,500 villas in Bali, Phuket, Samui, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. All of the villas are inspected before they are listed online. So it gives you that peace of mind that you will get a good quality accommodation space.

They have a team of Travel Consultants who will call the client to understand their needs. They ask a variety of questions about you and your family to find out what suits you best. They also offer a Concierge team to arrange the stay for you and transfers /other services.

There are many benefits of villa holiday –

Privacy: you don’t have to share the villa with other guests

Unique experience: villas are mostly private villas, so each has its own style.

Space: you have more space to enjoy, as compared to a hotel room

Personalised service: special meal plan, BBQ party, pool toys, etc. everything can be arranged according to your needs.

Value for money: the price of a villa and a hotel is comparable, but at the end of the holiday, you will save more from food and beverage bills. You also have more space and privacy which is great if you are going as a family.

Villa holidays have so many great features when you book with them. They human touch instead of just a platform where people book and pay, you actually get to speak to an actual person which is fab as you can ask all of the questions you want to. As individuals and as a business they care about the environment and believe in giving back. They are so good for families and have a huge focus on family holidays which gives you great peace of mind and comfort when booking.

Another thing I love is that you can book exotic holidays in further afield countries. They have a range of destinations to choose from like villas in Koh Samui , Bali , Sri Lanka and many more.

Ensure you are covered

It’s always nice to think that everything will go smoothly and you will have no problems or accidents.  It is good to ensure that you are covered as a family with a good level of just in case someone was to fall ill etc.

There are different various levels of cover you can get to suit your family. You should always ensure you have the correct insurance and that your document are all up to date as medical treatment can be costly when visiting another country and you may be left stranded.

Plan for the flight 

Flying with little ones can be so stressful if you are not prepared. Some simple planning can make all the difference. Ensure that you have enough things to keep the little ones busy.

Some sticker books and colouring books always make a good hour or so activity , even just a plain pad of paper with a pencil and some imagination. Tablets can also be a lifesaver packed with some of their favourite films and TV programmes and if you tire them out beforehand they may even nap.

There is so much to think of when travelling as a young family but as long as you have the basics covered and are organised things should go smoothly.

*Collaborative post

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