Portugal is one of those places I have always wanted to visit. Next year we are looking to have a couples holiday whilst the ankle biters have fun with Nan and Bamp’s. As you know we love being outdoors and active and both have an adventurous side. I have put together a mini guide that includes various adventures around Portugal.

My favourite activiites are –

Deep see diving and a dive down to a shipwreck

James and I have done a lot of snorkelling in our time but never deep sea diving which is something we have always wanted to do. In Madeirense there is a cargo ship that was deliberately sunk in the year 2000 to give divers the chance to experience the marine life in the area. I think this would be amazing to see as it’s not very often you can explore a shipwreck. There are many diving centres in and around Portugal to get Padi accredited and so many miles of marine life to explore. This would be of idea of pure bliss. They offer different types of diving in line with the experience you have so you could be a complete beginner or more experienced diver.

See Funchal via a Monte cable car

You know we love a good mountain climb or two and this sounds so exciting and definitely one for the more adventurous type. The Monte Cable Car is located in the old town Funchal at the Campo Almirante Reis in Monte. On the ride up to Monte you can enjoy amazing views of Funchal bay and surrounding areas. It’s definitely the only way to see what’s on offer here. Instead of getting the cable car down you can take the toboggan ride driven by two carreiros.

Hike along the Levada trails

This is an area of Maderia that was hand carved by labourers in the 15th century which created irrigation paths or levadas as the Portuguese call them. These are now a huge tourist attraction and ideal for adventures. The winding trails go on for 2,000 kilometres. You can go free range and follow some of the trails provided or you can pay for guided tours. The guided tours would be a fab way of finding out more of the levadas and also take you on the most scenic route.

See the island on horseback 

What a fab way to explore. There are riding schools dotted around Portugal. It doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or experienced as they cater for all. I think this is just amazing and the fresh air and freedom of it sounds fabulous. It is a good way of getting to those awkward places and mountain treks too.

This is just a snippet of what Portugal has to offer , there are so many more attractions and activities. There is also something for everyone whether you are travelling alone , as a couple ,as friends or as a family. There are various types of accommodation on offer for your holidays in Portugal. We are definitely going to consider this for our holidays next year. It is an ideal summer or winter destination too.

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