I have always wanted to go to Italy on holiday. When I was a child we drove to Malta and back and stopped off in Scilly and Milan briefly but didn’t stay long it is a beautiful country. Since that brief glimpse of Italy I have always longed to go back but I have never got around to it. I have decided to write my Italian dream bucket list to inspire me to book that dream trip.

Gone are the days of luxury spa hotels for us , as much as we would like to book one for this type of holiday. A luxury home in Italy would suit us much better. With two little ones we end up packing a lot of things and need that room to spread out and make ourselves at home.

The separate bedrooms are also a must as our little ones are so close in age they tend to act up and not sleep if they are sharing a room. I like the security of having a kitchen to prepare food in too as you may not want to eat out or go to a hotel restaurant with little ones for every meal. Sometimes it is just nice to source and prepare some local ingredient and dine al fresco on the patio.

There are a few places I would love to visit in Italy as we love a mixture of town and scenery. These are my favourites –

Lake Como

What a beautiful place this is , we love lake adventures so this would be perfect for us. I love the scenery and the fact you can just sit and take in the views or go on an epic adventure. The idea of a sailing trip and some mountain hiking really appeals to us.

There are also many beautiful museums and castles to see which my two would really enjoy. There are loads of beautiful boat trips to go on too which would be a wonderful way to see Lake Como and the scenery.

Gardaland Amusement Park is another fab place for children. You can ride the roller-coaster’s , visit a small farm and watch shows. Of course you could just hang out in the play parks for the day. There are plenty of other parks to check out too including a mini amusement park and a prehistoric park.


We love wandering cities and going in to little boutique shops with some café and restaurant stops. There are many great museum to explore too which again is fab and you can take a whole day looking in all the nooks and crannies of a museum.

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Train to be a gladiator 

I love that you can train to be a gladiator at Rome’s gladiator school. We also fancy the tour of an underground house which I know the children would love as this would be an amazing adventure for them.

Make your own pizza session 

I would also love to do a pizza making session as a family and learn how to make some authentic Italians pizzas , these are recipes we can carry through life and will always remind us as a family holiday.


This really appeals to us with the little ones as there are plenty of golden sandy beaches for us to chill and play on. A villa with a pool would also be amazing and provide plenty of fun times.

Things to do with children in Sicily – 

The Madonie Adventure Park

I love the idea of The Madonie Adventure Park. I’ve seen there is an amazing adventure playground in the woods. Rope ladder-walking and tree climbing perfect for children of all ages. You can also go mountain bike riding and horse riding , this would make for such a memorable experience for us all. There are plenty of places to have a picnic too.

Mount Etna

A trip up Mount Etna would just be amazing for us as the little one have been going on mountain treks as early as we could. They love it and we love being out in the fresh air and taking in the views. The cable cars would be so much fun too and such an experience. My two love volcanos and would love to see the lava. There are also 4×4 experiences to go on which will take you further in to the wonder. How amazing would it be to take in the views from Mount Etna whilst eating lunch in one of the cafés at the top.

Etna land 

This would be amazing as the little ones love the water and play. Etna Land is a theme park, water park and dinosaur what more could a pre schooler want ? This sounds like the perfect way to spend the day and tire the little ones out. The park is very well catered for little ones with plenty of places to eat and grab an ice cream.

So as you can see there are plenty of things to do in different places around Italy for the little ones. Also the idea of a luxury home is just heaven to us and chance to make a home from home whilst we are away instead of all being in one room with limited space. I can’t wait to start planning out dream Italian bucket list holiday.

Have you visited Italy with little ones ? Where did you go and what did you see?

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