Cars can be expensive things to buy and run and it’s always good to know how to keep costs to a minimum when running a car. Insurance , tax etc is expensive enough as it is. There are so many things you can do to keep expenses down.

Here are a few of my tips to keep expenses down

Shop around for insurance

When isuring your car shop around and don’t just take the first quote you get. You will always find a cheaper one ! This goes for renewal too don’t just stick with the same company again shop around.

Carry out your own regular service on the car

It’s easy to carry out mini services on your car. If you can get your hands on a manual for your car this is even better as you can teach yourself. You can do things like changing the spark plugs , break pads and oil filters. Also topping up the oil in your car and water is so important to help the car run efficiency.

Buying second hand cars

When it comes to buying a car this can be the most expensive part. It’s always good to look in to second hand cars instead of new one. There are some great ones out there with a good milage count and like new if they have been well looked after. KAP Motors offers an amazing range of used cars in Brighton. Check out their huge collection online too.

Get a diesel or electric car to help cut fuel costs

This can be a great help diesel is much cheaper and more efficient than petrol so this can save you costs on fuel. Even better an electric car which will save you money and is also great for the environment.

Always shop around to get the best price 

Buying a car is a massive decision. Make sure you shop around and always get the best car you can get for your money.

Look after your car

It’s simple the more you look after your car the longer it will last and more efficient it will be for you. Take the car for a yearly service when due and also the all important MOT.

These are just a rough guide of things you can do to keep car expenses down – it really is worth taking the time to do this. What tips have you got that I have missed , I would love to know.

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