Don’t be sad about the end of summer – look forward to your next trip! Here’s how to travel light while still looking your best.

It doesn’t matter when you travel – you want to look your best every time, right? However, when travelling abroad, airlines have made it more difficult than before to take your entire wardrobe away with you, only granting you a small kilogram allowance on your flight. The key here is travelling light. No matter where your destination is, or how long you’re travelling for, less is more when it comes to packing away those essential belongings. It’s not only more convenient to carry less with you, but it will definitely take the weight off!

Before you start anything, you need to choose the right suitcase. Gone are the days where the biggest, prettiest suitcases were straight on your to-buy list! When travelling light, you need a lightweight suitcase. From purchasing one, you’re automatically saving a lot more weight for the contents, and it will be much easier to push and pull around on your journey. How else can you save more space when travelling light?

Be clothing-smart!

The first tip to bear in mind is to not take a separate outfit for every day and evening. Just think logically; two outfits a day for a week or two is really going to take up a lot of space, especially after all your other essentials and toiletries! A good habit to get into is to mix and match your outfits, so you use a piece of clothing or pair of shoes more than once. Instead of forking out money for more yet more clothing, consider ladies alterations by Alterations Boutique; with multiple stores in the UK, their expert tailors can amend and alter your garments, so

you can salvage that old dress that doesn’t fit anymore, or that shirt that just doesn’t sit right. Give your old clothing a little love on your next trip.

If you’re on a longer trip, it’s great to make use of the local laundry facilities or do your own washing if you have these available in your accommodation. These should be easy to find in the local town or ask around if you’re feeling confident enough.

Keep your toiletries to a minimum.

Those shiny new containers are so tempting to throw into your case, but they do take up a lot of space and weight. Consider how long you’ll be away on your trip and work out how much shampoo, conditioner and shower gel you might need, for example. The chances are that you’ll not be able to use up a full bottle by yourself. Grab yourself some travel containers and only take as much as you require. Don’t forget to label each one!

Wear heavy or bulky items while travelling.

You might be travelling in the cooler months or you might have a long hike planned where the weather might turn a little rubbish. Big boots or heavy coats and jackets will take up nearly all your suitcase space, so don’t put them in there! To save space, remember to travel in your heavier clothing items to avoid over packing. You can always take these off while you relax on the plane or train. If you can’t wear it or pack it, then you should really think about leaving it at home.

Flexibility is essential.

Think about shopping while you’re away. You don’t want to be caught with double your baggage allowance and having to leave half of your newly purchased clothing in your room. Before your trip, make sure you leave enough weight out of your suitcase to cater for those extra purchases. Don’t forget that when you use up your shampoo and shower gels, this will also free up space and weight!

Limit your valuables.

One last point to save clothing space! Bear in mind that you might not have access to a safe when you’re on your trip. Either that or you’ll have to pay a fee to use these facilities. To be extra safe, try and limit your gadgets and other valuables, and only take the ones with you that have more than one purpose. For example, instead of taking a music player, a camera, a pile of books and a phone, think about taking a tablet, or another multifunctional device. This will save more space in the case and you’ll have a lot less to lose.

Travelling light ensures you stay stress free on your journey!

When you’re clever with your packing, you’ll feel much more organised and ready for your trip, every time you travel. Do you have any tip for travelling light when you’re on a trip? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments!

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