One of the most expensive elements of any holiday or trip is the accommodation. It can feel like there’s no getting around it, after all- you need a place to sleep! However there are more options than just hotels, and if you’re smart about it you can massively slash the overall cost of your trip. Here are a few ideas.

Stay With Friends and Family
Staying with family or friends means free accommodation, and they can show you around the place where they live. You could then do the same for them next time around- it’s a fantastic and fun way to keep bonds strong.

Even putting aside the travel element, you’re always going to appreciate the visit, and you get to spend time with them while having fun and travelling. It doesn’t even need to be on a different continent or country. Just visiting another state or another location will get you out of the house and give you a chance to see and do new things.

Go Camping
When it comes to camping, you can really pitch a tent in any safe and legal location, or pay a small fee for staying in a campsite. This will give you access to things like showers and even Wi-Fi in some places which is handy if you’re planning on staying for more than a few days.

It’s always going to be one of the cheapest forms of accommodation, and although not glamorous its a lot of fun. If you’re camping in a national park or another tourist destination, some places will offer things like pods, chalets and caravans you could hire.

These will have basic provisions such as beds and cooking equipment which is useful if you’re not backpacking and don’t want to carry lots of items around with you.

Stay in an Airbnb
Airbnb is a concept that has taken off massively in the past few years. It’s essentially an online marketplace that lets people rent out properties or spare rooms to guests.

It can seem like an alien concept if you’ve never used it, but if you check out this Airbnb review, you can see that it’s hugely beneficial to both travellers and property owners alike. It’s a way you can bag yourself cheaper accommodation while you travel!

Hire an RV
When you travel in an RV, you get transport and accommodation rolled into one. It’s cheap to do, and definitely a lot less expensive than travelling via taxis and staying in hotels. even eating is less expensive too, since lots of RVs have fridges in that you can stock up with.

Even if yours doesn’t, you can always just purchase an ice box and go to the grocery store every day for essentials instead of dining in hotels and restaurants for every meal. There are so many fantastic routes from driving across Europe or Route 66 in America.

You could go down a set driving route, or look on the map and come up with your own. You will find cheap hook-ups for RVs giving you access to running water, internet and electricity just about anywhere you go.

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