Have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage after you dropped it off at the check-in desk? Basically, while you are looking around the airport, getting ready to board the airplane, your luggage is actually on a little trip of its own.  

At GSE Solutions we supply the aviation industry with an extensive range of ground support equipment and have done so for over a quarter of a century. Within that time, we’ve manged to gain a considerable amount of knowledge about what happens to a passenger’s baggage at the airport, which we are going to explain in this post! 

It all starts when you hand over your suitcase to a staff member at the check-in desk, who then, puts it into the system and attaches a luggage tag to it that has its own distinctive barcode. The purpose of the barcode is to indicate the destination and route of each bag, which ensures that your luggage safely arrives at the airport of your destination. Your bag will then enter the baggage handling system, which for some airports can be an absolutely fascinating piece of engineering.  

You’re probably now wondering “how does the conveyor belt know where my bag needs to go?” Well, the unique barcode is read by a barcode scanner and as stated by The Sun “after bags are dropped off and have had a luggage label attached, they’re routed according to their new barcode.” 

Feeling intrigued to see the whole process with your own eyes? Luckily, the Daily Mail shared plenty of photographs to feed your curiosity. Additionally, they shared a behind-the-scenes video showing the fascinating journey your luggage undertakes. 

On the way to its final destination, your bag passes through x-ray machines. This is to confirm that you aren’t carrying any illegal items in your bag. The barcode label is then scanned again by a baggage handler at the collection chute, who loads your luggage onto an airport luggage cart. This car safely takes your suitcase to an aircraft belt, which then loads your baggage onto the same plane you’ll be traveling on.  

Once you’ve landed at your destination, your luggage is taken off of the plane and put onto a different baggage handling system, which will eventually deliver all of the luggage to a large, circular carousel, where passengers can collect their luggage. After you’ve collected your baggage, you are ready to start your own adventure! 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about the journey of your luggage, from checking-in your luggage to picking up your luggage at your designated airport. If you are curious about other ground support equipment around the airport, please feel free to view our website www.gsesolutions.eu. If you have any enquiries regarding our products contact our team on 01794 834 438 or email us at info@aviation.uk.net. 

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