I have recently decided that enough is enough and after four years of solely concentrating on the little ones I need to take care of myself.  I snack so badly and rarely get enough vitamins in me. It just becomes habit reaching for a chocolate bar with my coffee , eating naughty snacks when the little one are in bed and it all adds up.

When I was asked if I would like to try So Shape this gave me the nudge I needed. They deliver Smart Meals that take just 2 minutes to prepare and that contain everything needed to boost energy, feel lighter and help tone up muscles , they are also vegetarian. I thought this sounded perfect and convenient.

The smart meals come in loads of different flavours both sweet and some savoury. They all sound so yummy so I chose a selection of both sweet and savoury to see which I liked the best. There are three different challenges you can choose from

  • The Reboot – 5 days
  • Remove – 14 days
  • Reborn 28 days

The remove and reboot are created to help you lose weight. I decided to go for the Reboot as it’s a new plan and I wanted to see if it suited me. With So Shape you have one smart meal in the morning, then you enjoy an open lunch which you can also switch this with the evening if you’re eating out or have a special occasion. You have one smart meal in the evening such a hot soup, pasta or risotto which can all be made in the microwave.

The box arrived and I was so excited to try them , they cam so well packaged. In the box you get the meals you have chosen , a shaker bottle and a guide boo. The book is so easy to understand and comes with loads of handy information and tips.

It gives details about other foods that are good for you and shows you with both pictures and text how to make the Smart Meals up. It displays provides full nutritional information also. It also tells you how to stay hydrated with the shaker bottle provided. Some of the meals you have hot such as the soup and risotto and some you have cold like the frappes.

So after five days what is the verdict? I feel a lot better and much less bloated. I don’t feel as tired and sluggish and feel more energised. I have also lost 3lbs which is fabulous. The meals were tasty and I did feel full after them especially with the free foods you are allowed at lunch time.

So Shape has also got me in to a good routine if when to eat and not skip meals then snack. The thing I love most about the diet is how convenient it is. The little sachets fit in to my bag so I could take them out and about with me which was super handy.

*Collaborative post I was sent the 5 day So shape reboot challenge in return for an honest review – all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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