Archie and Frankie are so close in age only 14 months apart so naturally they are very close. I love that we had our babies so close in age , it was really hard at the start when they were babies but it does get easier. Its’ great that they can play together and have similar interests , even though obviously they are different genders they do have very similar interests in toys and will play with the same toys.

As part of National Sibling day on April 10th we were sent the Baby Born Brother doll. This is a fab addition to our doll collection as we do not have many male dolls. I thought this was great for both to play with.

I love how life like the Baby Born Brother looks , Frankie loved his dungarees and t shirt he is wearing and the first thing she said was look at his hair it’s amazing !  

Baby Born Brother comes with four extra accessories.  A bottle, a hair brush, and two friendship bracelets – one for him and one for you. Frankie absolutely loved that she had a matching bracelet. 

Baby Born Brother is an interactive doll he can stand , cry real tears , drink his bottle and also be bathed. He also has moveable knee joints. 

Frankie loves that Baby Born Brother can now be big brother to her other dolls , she said it’s like me and Archie. She now wants to get the baby born sister so they are matching !

I love the imaginative play that dolls encourage ! Frankie was taking him to the shops , park and then giving him lunch. They also had a tea party with the other dolls. He also had a bath at the end of the day before she put him to bed in his cot.

The doll is 43cm and suitable for age three plus and is priced at £49.99. You can also get other outfits from the Baby Born range to fit Baby Born Brother.

Baby Born Brother is now the favourite dolly in this house and has been taken out in the pram to the shops already – Frankie also gave him a walk around which is wear his fab shoes came in handy ! Her big brother also loved him and enjoyed playing and having a tea party with the other dolls and teddies.

*We were sent Baby born brother doll for the purpose of this review , all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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