I was recently asked to try Pharmaton vitality capsules for 30 days to see if they made a difference  to my energy levels. Pharmaton Vitality Capsules contain vitamins, minerals and Ginseng Extract G115. The capsules are meant to be used for relief of temporary periods of  exhaustion, tiredness, feeling of weakness and vitality deficiency.

I have been feeling exhausted lately so was excited to see if these would help. The dose is just one capsule in the morning with food. I took mine half way through my breakfast. I found by day 8 I had more energy and could really see a difference.

I have now been taking these for a month and I am not feeling as exhausted and wiped out. I find I have more energy in the mornings and feel like I have rested at night.  I have also been able to cut my morning coffee down from three to one. This is fab as I hate the effect it has on me and I was drinking far too much. The capsules were easy to swallow and didn’t make me feel queasy like some other multivitamins have. I will definitely take these again when going through periods of exhaustion. I now feel like a better version of myself.

Pharmaton Vitality capsules are available in Boots stores. The capsules are priced at £9.49 for 30.

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