It’s always good to save some money along the way whilst doing your shopping and look for the best deals you can. Cash back websites are always good to help you save money on things you buy. e

Boom 25 cash back site is a cash back site with a difference you have a 1 in 25 chance to win your full purchase price back. You don’t have to pay any sign up fees to be in with a chance to win your money back either. You only pay for the goods you have ordered online.

I haven’t seen a site like Boom 25 before but I think the concept of wining your full purchase cost back is amazing and I can see why people would be drawn to this.

I also think it’s fab that it doesn’t matter what you buy so it could be your weeks food shop or a sofa – you can win your money back no matter what the purchases are. Every 25th approved purchase wins on Boom 25 but this doesn’t mean you would have to make 25 purchases either.

If you go on to the site it lists all of the daily booms and which retailers to visit in order to boost your likelihood of winning. There are loads of daily booms from many different well-known retailers.

The winnings that are paid out are funded by the fees Boom 25 earn from commission on various affiliate schemes. They do keep a percentage of the fee to keep the site up and running but then the rest gets put back in for the winners fees. I think this is a fantastic way of doing things and so much different to what I have seen before.

The site is so easy to use you just search for the retailers you want to choose , click-through and then shop as you normally would. The booms are always displayed at the top of the screen with the boom odds too.

This is fab as you can see straight away which ones are best etc. There are 870 retailers on the site which is huge so you should be able to find the one you are looking for. There are loads of everyday brand names that I use regularly which is great as more chance of winning that fee back.

I love how honest the site is and how they lay all their cards on the table by letting you know how much commission etc they have earned. I think it’s a really good concept and I will be using it from now on for my online purchases.

It saves me looking round all sites to find voucher codes that may give me a small percentage off my shopping, this way I can take a gamble and may get my whole purchase cost back.

Do you use cash back sites ? Let me know what you think of this one if you do . I always like to hear peoples experiences along the way and see if they like something I have recommended.

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